SuperMix 2 for Windows 混合效應模型分析軟體

SuperMix 2.1 for Windows是一套群昱公司代理的混合效應模型分析軟體,該軟件可以對二層和三層數據進行線性處理。SuperMix適用於對連續(continuous)因變量、二元(binary)因變量、計數(count)因變量、順序(ordinary)因變量和名義因變量進行模型分析。這一類分析被廣泛應用於社會學、醫藥領域、經濟學、工商業等各個領域。


SuperMix combines
the functionality of four mixed-effects programs, MIXREG,
MIXOR, MIXNO, and MIXPREG, developed by Donald Hedeker
and Robert Gibbons into a single application to provide
estimates for mixed-effects regression models.

Mixed-effects models are
also known as multilevel, hierarchical, or random-effects
models. These models can be used for the analysis of longitudinal
data, where each individual may be measured at a different
number of occasions. They can also be used for clustered data,
such as for patients within clinics.

SuperMix has been
by SSI under an SBIR Phase II contract N44MH32056,
and has been released in September 2008. SuperMix will fit models
with continuous, count, ordinal, nominal, and
survival outcome
variables with nested data, allowing for up to three
of nesting. Key features are listed below.

  • Easy to use graphical user interface:
    import data into the SuperMix spreadsheet, then build new models using
    menus and dialog boxes.
  • Mixed-effects models for continuous outcome variables with auto-correlated residuals.
  • Mixed-effects models for ordinal regression analysis, including non-proportional odds models and scaling effects.
  • Mixed-effects models for Poisson regression analysis.
  • Mixed-effects models for nominal logistic regression analysis.
  • Mixed-effects models for grouped-time survival analysis.
  • Two- and three-level models allowing for nested designs.
  • Presentation quality graphics.