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Easy and Powerful

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Easier than Visio®

SmartDraw is the only alternative to Visio® that runs on a Windows desktop (behind the firewall), on a Mac, and online. With the best Visio® import and export capability in the industry, SmartDraw is the easy, powerful and affordable Visio® alternative.

More Powerful than Office®

SmartDraw is the more powerful addition to Office® drawing tools. Any SmartDraw drawing can be inserted into Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® with one click. The SmartDraw plug-in lets you add drawings to Google Docs and Sheets too.

Get Started Quickly

SmartDraw is the only diagramming software that runs on a Windows desktop, on a Mac, and online. It includes quick-start templates for more than 70 different kinds of charts, diagrams and other visuals to get you started easily.

SmartDraw Features

Smart Formatting

SmartDraw’s exclusive smart formatting lets anyone
create professional-looking charts and diagrams with ease. Just click a
few buttons. You can even build diagrams using only the keyboard.
Insert shapes with simple keystrokes. Move them around on the page and
everything realigns perfectly. Smart formatting gives you the confidence
of a professional finish, every time. Choose from several attractive
design themes or create your own. Add photos and images too. SmartDraw
is the smartest way to create any kind of chart or diagram.

Smart Templates

SmartDraw includes hundreds of templates so you
can start drawing quickly. Eliminating the learning curve makes it fast
and easy to create the diagram you need today. More than 70 different
types of diagrams, charts, and other visuals are included. Whatever you
need to create, chances are there’s a smart template to help you get it
finished in no time. You’ll also get hundreds of examples that are fully
editable too.

Smart Integration

SmartDraw integrates easily with tools you already use. With just a click, you can send your drawing directly to Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. Or save your drawing to Dropbox®, Google Drive, or OneDrive®.

SmartDraw Enterprise also fully integrates with Microsoft SharePoint® and PowerPoint®. You can publish a file to your SharePoint® server with just one click. You can also browse the SharePoint® server and check documents in and out from within SmartDraw.

Learn more about SmartDraw’s integrations with other tools.

Windows, Mac, and Online

SmartDraw is the only diagramming software that
you can install behind a firewall on a Windows desktop and also run on a
Mac and online.

And better yet, the online version is fully
integrated with the Windows version. You can move seamlessly between
them. Start a diagram at work on your Windows desktop and finish it on
the go on your iPad or Mac laptop. Only SmartDraw gives you all of these
powerful features and options in one easy-to-use package.

Visio® Import and Export

SmartDraw is the perfect alternative for Visio®. Import existing Visio®
files and stencils with just a few clicks and enjoy SmartDraw’s power
and ease of use. You’ll be able to edit pages, ungroup symbols, change
fill color, resize shapes and continue working on your Visio® diagram.

Like Visio®, SmartDraw lets you work
behind your firewall, eliminating any security concerns you might have
with web-only programs. However, it also offers the benefit of
diagramming online or on a Mac, something Visio® does not do. You can also export any diagram as a Visio® file to collaborate with anyone who hasn’t made the switch.