RadiantQ Silverlight Gantt Package 甘特圖開發工具

RadiantQ Silverlight Gantt Package,原生於Silverlight的Gantt控件,具有功能豐富,靈活可定制,高性能等特性。適用於,建築、軟體開發、合規審核、新產品的投放市場、新商務專案、客戶服務等。


Gantt Controls for all platforms, devices and scenarios

Developing apps in the rich WPF
platform? RadiantQ provides the best package of Gantt Controls with
high performance, feature richness, standards compliance and great

Targeting cross-platform desktop and mobile devices through web apps? We have the best solution available in our jQuery Gantt Package – a native HTML5 based
component, with never before seen interactivity and richness all in a
standards based jQuery UI Gantt Widget. Wrapped as an ASP.NET WebControl, MVC extension, PHP and with TypeScript interfaces for easy integration with your apps.

Use the gantts to develop Project Management, Resource Management,
Production Planning, etc. type applications (to name just a few), taking
your user interface to a great new level.

The Project Gantt is an MS Project like project-task
hierarchy viewer and editor with built-in scheduling, resource
assignment and constraints support. The Resource Gantt
is a very light-weight gantt control that can bind to any kind of
resource hierarchy to display and track their utilization. Both these
controls come with an editable multi-column tree list, dynamic and
zoomable time scale headers, rich and interactive task bars and
excellent Printing options.

Also available for Sharepoint as a Sandbox or Farm solution WebPart.


Silverlight Gantt Package – Features

Written natively for Silverlight, the gantt controls are very rich, customizable, light weight and high performing.
  • Use Project Gantt for visualizing a hierarchical task list.
  • Use Resource Gantt for implementing a Resource Utilization view.
  • Virtualized Rendering enables you to visualize thousands of rows in no time.
  • Ideal for all types of projects including – Construction, Software
    Development, Airline schedule, Compliance, New Product Launch, New
    Business Plans, Customer Service, etc.