Mindjet MindManager 心智圖軟體

Mindjet MindManager 是一套群昱公司代理的心智圖軟體,協助使用者將想法或靈感,以心智圖&組織圖形式繪製下來。幫助我們在創意、企劃、決策、分析、溝通、學習、記憶等工作、學習、生活各個層面更輕鬆、有效率。


Inspire creativity and conquer complexity. MindManager’s flexible
mind maps and diagrams promote freeform thinking and enable quick
organization of ideas and information. Use MindManager’s visual format
to capture, organize and communicate complex topics more clearly. Manage
your work more effectively with MindManager. Experience the power of
MindManager on the platform of your choice and start realizing the
benefits today. MindManager is available on the following platforms:

Capture Everything

Use MindManager like a virtual whiteboard where you can brainstorm
and capture your best thinking. Highlight meaningful connections while
you build out ideas. Easily add notes, hyperlinks and attachments and
work more efficiently with all your information in a single view.

Organize Ideas & Your Work

Simply drag and drop to organize information and prioritize action
items. Use MindManager maps to consolidate and transfer knowledge,
analyze processes, and plan projects. Map out deliverables, due dates,
dependencies and resources so everyone knows what they need to do, and
when. And, when assumptions change, you can make adjustments quickly.

visual framework

Communicate Effectively

Display feedback on the fly to improve meetings and drive
participation. MindManager helps everyone involved see the big picture
and all the details in context. Use MindManager’s visual layout to
create, validate, and communicate action items, business requirements,
project goals, budget assumptions, and strategic priorities.

meeting management

Manage from Idea to Implementation

Move from brainstorming to planning to execution, all in a single
application, and turn ideas into action. Progress markers, along with
visible due dates and resources, aid status reviews. Use filters to
create new views and focus on the content that matters most.

MindManager 2017 for Windows – New Version!

The all-new MindManager 2017 is here and it’s now the most
integrated mapping solution in the world. With new universal file
export, you can now share your MindManager content with anyone on any
platform, exporting your best ideas, plans and notes to 700+ web apps.
Create and share dynamic information maps, mind maps, process flow
diagrams, concept maps, project dashboards, and now interactive
timelines. Or, turn your maps into interactive dashboards and receive
updates when changes are made in any of the 700+ integrated apps.

With new project planning tools, project timelines, workflow diagram
improvements, and more new features and user interface enhancements,
MindManager 2017 for Windows is a major release you won’t want to miss.