Pipe Flow Expert 管路設計分析軟體

Pipe Flow Expert是一套群昱公司代理的管路設計分析軟體,允許繪製複雜管路系統分析計算,其適用於管流和壓力需要平衡的情形。

Pipe Flow Expert Software – Overview of Pressure & Flow Calculations

Do you need to calculate the fluid flow rates and node pressures in a pipe network?

Pipe Flow Expert is designed to help today’s engineers analyze and solve
a wide range of problems where the flow and pressure loss throughout a
pipe network must be determined.
The Pipe Flow Expert program will allow you to draw a complex pipeline
system and analyze the features of the system when flow is occuring.
Pipe Flow Expert calculates the balanced steady-state flow and pressure
conditions of the system.
It will allow you to perform analysis of different pipe system designs
under various operating conditions.

Pipe Flow Expert Software system with calculated flows and pressures
The reported results include:

  • Flow rates
  • Fluid velocities
  • Reynolds numbers
  • Friction factors
  • Pipe losses
  • Fitting losses
  • Component losses
  • Pump operating points
  • Pump head generated
  • NPSHa at pump inlet
  • Pipe pressure drop
  • Pressures at nodes
  • HGL values

The input and display of system information on the Pipe Flow Expert
drawing and in the results tables can be shown in metric or imperial
units to suit your preference and specific units for each item (such as
pipe flow rate) can also be configured and set on an individual basis as
Pipe Flow Expert has been designed for the professional engineer who
needs a powerful tool that has a class leading, easy to use and robust
interface that makes it simple to design and analyze pipe networks.

Pipe Flow Expert will provide instant answers to complex network problems.

If you need to perform pipe flow calculations to work out pipe flow
rates then stop worrying about the pipe flow equations and let Pipe Flow
Expert provide you with instant answers to complex probems.