Inquisit 心理學實驗統計軟體


Inquisit Web

Precision Psychological Testing Online

Inquisit Web enables simple, convenient collection of rich
psychological data remotely over the web. Administer any of the
neuropsychological tests in the
Millisecond Test Library online, customize them, or even program your own.

Try an Inquisit 6 Web experiment

Besides processing speed, computer graphic displays may vary in both display resolution and vertical
refresh rate (i.e., how quickly the screen repaints itself). To control for different display sizes,
Inquisit allows you to define the size and layout of visual stimuli as a percentage of the screen size,
so the display scales appropriately given the size of the monitor. Although Inquisit cannot
control the vertical refresh rate of the monitor, Inquisit can detect the parameters of the display
system and be configured to either screen participants whose hardware doesn’t meet standards, or record
the refresh rate to the data file so it can be treated as an independent variable. 

One consequence of running web experiments is that web client PCs vary in processing speed.
Inquisit is a lightweight, efficient engine that performs well on even the slowest
computers still in use today.

Tests adapt to different devices and form factors

When a participant browses to the experiment launch page and clicks
“Start”, they are asked to download the Inquisit 6 Player app locally to
machine where it has access to the high-performance native system
components required to
achieve millisecond precision timing. In fact, Inquisit 6 Web uses
exactly the same powerful and fast
engine that Inquisit 6 Lab uses. The engine is about 4 MB, so it
take just a few
seconds to download. We’ve wrapped the engine in several different
web technologies for compatibility with
across a wide variety of browsers and platforms.

Precision timing over the web

Inquisit 6 Web includes an easy to use control panel for deploying experiments online. No
knowledge of web server administration is necessary. The web license includes free hosting on, or you can optionally host experiments on your own web server.
To access your data,
simply login to you millisecond account, browse to your data files, and select which files to download.
The data are saved as tab-delimited text that can be loaded into any analysis package (e.g., SPSS, Excel).

Point and click web deployment

Inquisit Web uploads data to your account on Millisecond, where you
can login to access all of your data. Data are saved in a
highly reliable redundant store with copies maintained on multiple
servers in different facilities. Data storage is free for 5 years, after
files will be archived and retreivable for a fee.

Secure, centralized data store

With a single Inquisit 6 web license, you can publish a study online and gather data from an
unlimited number of participants simultaneously or in sequence, for the duration of the license.
There are no charges per data file.

Unlimited numbers of participants

Inquisit 6 Web expands your subject pool by allowing you to reach populations that cannot come into the lab due to
geographic location, scheduling conflicts, or anxiety. Offer participants the convenience of
participating at the time and location of their choice.

Reach more diverse subject populations

Inquisit Web runs on iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. Allow
your participants to do remote testing on their own devices, or take
your mobile devices into the field for “in situ” data collection. More information about Inquisit and iOS.

Testing on mobile devices

To see what it’s like to participate in an Inquisit web experiment, you can run any of the dozens of measures
available online in the Millisecond Test Library. Just click
the measure you are interested in, and then click the “View Demo” link on the home
page for that measure. For example, you can test our IAT scripts by clicking any of the “View Demo” links on our
IAT page. Every script in our test library, including source code, is
freely available for use by Inquisit license holders.