understand 5.0 代碼分析工具(年租版)


Understand provides you with pertinent information regarding your code. Quickly see all information on functions, classes, variables, etc., how they are used, called, modified, and interacted with. Easily see call trees, metrics, references and any other information you would want to know about your code.
Understand is very efficient at collecting metrics about the code and providing different ways for you to view it. There is a substantial collection of standard metrics quickly available as well as options for writing your own custom metrics when we don’t cover exactly what you need.
Understand offers graphs that allow you to see how your code connects (dependencies), how it flows (control flow graphs), what functions call other functions (call graphs), and many more. There are many customization options to easily allow you to display only what you are interested in seeing so the graph is best suited to what you need.
Understand provides a way to check your code using published coding standards, or your own custom standards. These checks can be used to verify naming guidelines, metric requirements, published best practices, or any other rules or conventions that are important for your team.
See all the dependencies in your code and how they connect. See these dependencies using Understand’s interactive graph or using the textual Dependency Browser. Both allow you to see all dependencies quickly and easily at a high level or dig in and get the details.
Understand’s powerful editor is a full modern programming GUI that incorporates all the modern features you would expect. It is designed from the ground-up for multi-monitor use and it includes tabs, tab groups, docking, syntax colorization, auto-completion, and syntax-based collapsing and folding just to name a few.
Multiple options are available for searching in Understand. For instant results, use our “Instant Search” feature which provides results before you are even done typing. Understand also provides search options for more customized and complicated searches, such as Regular Expression and Wildcard searches.

Annual named-user license

Understand 5.0 licenses are sold as an annual subscription and include weekly software updates and access to our awesome technical support. Each developer will need their own license to use Understand, though licenses may be reassigned to another engineer should the original engineer leave or not use the tool any longer. While there is an offline option available, most licensing features require an internet connection and the ability to access our licensing website: helios.scitools.comHelios™ gives you better user control and easier licensing management.

Offline Checkout Option

Understand can run for several hours without an internet connection. If you know you will be going offline for longer periods you can checkout the license from Helios to a specific computer. When a developer checks out a license to their machine Understand will continue to work on that machine with no internet connection. However, while that license is checked-out the developer will not be able to use their license on any other machine. Instructions on how to checkout a license are here.

Other License Options

If your team is looking for more specialized licensing options please contact our sales team.


Legacy Licenses

If you have an older perpetual license of Understand with active maintenance it can be used as well. In the License Dialog select Options->Legacy Licensing to open the older licensing dialog.

Understand takes about 200-300MB of installation space, depending on which OS it is installed on and will run on Windows (Windows 7 and later), Linux 64bit (CentOS & RHEL 7.4, Ubuntu 16.04, and later) and Mac OSX (Sierra 10.12 and later). For larger code bases the more RAM the better. We recommend 1GB / Million lines of code, it will run on less, but it is much slower.

Use the older builds of Understand if you need a version to run on an older machine.