NewBlue Elements 數位影音編輯軟體

NewBlueFX Elements是一套由群昱公司代理的數位影音編輯軟體。

Elements Collection

Simplify Your Multi-Step Compositing Tasks

  • Combine visual elements from separate shots into a single frame.

  • Transform your scene entirely to bring new dimensions to the story.

  • Create illusions to illustrate complicated shots.

Products In The Elements Collection

Elements 3 Ultimate-boxshot

Elements Ultimate

Elements 3 Ultimate present 21 tools to accelerate compositing
tasks. Includes Chroma Key Pro and Elements 3 Alpha Blend, Energize, and

Elements 3 Overlay-boxshot

Elements Overlay

Elements Overlay delivers 6 geometric overlays that deliver fast,
sophisticated compositing overlays, including PIPs, split screen and
image grids.

Elements 3 Energize-boxshot

Elements Energize

Elements Energize delivers 6 compositing tools that re-construct
an image in creative ways including image tiling, auto-pan, cut aways,
and more.

Elements 3 Alpha Blend-boxshot

Elements Alpha Blend

Elements Alpha Blend delivers 8 versatile compositing tools that
quickly dramatize footage, add outlines to objects and create drop

Elements 3 Chroma Key Pro-boxshot

Chroma Key Pro

Chroma Key Pro makes keying out green and blue screen footage
easy. Plus, it has built-in tools for outlines and drop shadows to
simulate depth.