NetSupport School 教室教學管理軟體

NetSupport School是一套群昱公司代理的教室教學管理軟體,適用在學習場域中的「課堂教學管理系統」,為教師提供針對單個學生、預先定義小組或整個班級的教學指導、視聽監督、與學生互動等諸多功能。NetSupport School 提供課程內容分發、同時監控所有學生的 PC、同時作業等功能,確保讓所有學生都能時刻保持專注。它還有許多強大的功能,包括可自定測驗、專用網絡管理員控制台、數位化學生復習輔助工具、課程規劃工具、獎勵學生優良表現的選項等。

Education solutions

Our education solutions are designed to
be effective, easy-to-use and affordable for any school budget.
Integrating seamlessly, they provide a complete solution to manage
technology and its users in the classroom and across the school.

Students at computers

Complete classroom management

assessment, monitoring, collaboration, and control features supporting
technology-led teaching and learning, teachers worldwide choose NetSupport School to engage students and improve learning outcomes.

School IT asset management with internet safety

can employ easy-to-use tools to manage and support IT assets across the
school network, plus protect students from online risks with NetSupport DNA.

Powerful remote control

Feature-rich and designed to provide flexible, effective and highly secure remote support to staff and students, NetSupport Manager is the technicians’ first choice.

Browser-based helpdesk

IT support teams can deliver practical and timely responses to IT
issues, plus reduce IT downtime on students’ learning with NetSupport ServiceDesk.

Desktop alerting and messaging 

can communicate instantly with staff and student desktop users by
delivering immediate or scheduled one-way messages using NetSupport Notify.