KaleidaGraph 4.5 科學繪圖軟體

KaleidaGraph 4.5是一套群昱公司代理的科學繪圖軟體,將您複雜的資料轉為有意義的圖形,繪圖速度非常快,功能強大,檔案可在兩平臺中交換使用,支援Excel之檔案,Windows 和 Mac 檔案可互換,頁面非常容易設定,可同時開啟32組圖。繪圖的資料可以跨過多個資料檔。

KaleidaGraph is a thoughtfully designed graphing and data analysis
application for research scientists, as well as for those in business
and engineering fields. It produces publication-quality graphs, and
easily converts the most complex data into a functional display.
KaleidaGraph allows the user to import, manipulate, and analyze data, as
well as create customized plots. Statistics, linear and nonlinear curve
fitting, and the ability to produce precise graphic visualization of
data all make KaleidaGraph powerful and flexible.

Flexible Data Entry

KaleidaGraph is first launched, the user is presented with a data
window and formula entry window. Each data window supports a maximum of
1000 columns and 1 million rows. Microsoft Excel files can be opened
directly into KaleidaGraph, and users can specify the structure of text
files as they are being imported. Pertinent information about the data
can be stored using the Posted Note feature of the data window.

The formula entry window provides the ability to manipulate data with
a variety of algebraic and statistical functions. These operations can
be performed on an entire column of data, a data selection, or a single
cell in the data window.

Fast and versatile graphing choices

provides a variety of line and scatter plots, including double y,
double x, and double xy. These plots support up to 99 independent and
dependent y variables in a single plot. Other plot types include
statistical (box, probability, histogram and percentile), bar, polar,
pie and function.

Complete control over every plot option

After a plot is created, the user has total control over all the plot
elements. The Axis Options dialog allows the user to control the
limits, scaling, and axis labels for each of the axes, in addition to
the display of tick marks and grid lines. The Plot Style dialog can be
used to change the marker type, size, color, and number of markers
displayed on the plot.

A number of plot tools are available to further customize the plot. A
text tool is available to create fully stylized text labels. Drawing
tools are provided to add arrows, lines, boxes, ovals, arcs, polygons,
and Bezier curves. The identify tool displays the current coordinates
each time the mouse is clicked. The data selection tool can be used to
graphically eliminate outliers from the plot.

Precise curve fitting

of KaleidaGraph’s biggest strengths is in the area of curve fitting.
KaleidaGraph supports both linear and nonlinear curve fitting, with
built-in equations for linear, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and
power functions. Four smoothing curve fits (smooth, weighted, cubic
spline and interpolate) are provided to help improve the presentation of
the data.

Nonlinear curve fitting is accomplished through KaleidaGraph’s
general curve fit. This curve fit allows the user to define their own
equation, which can contain up to nine unknown parameters. The program
ships with over 100 different equations that can be used to fit the

Error bars

bars can be added to the plots in almost any way imaginable: full error
bars, single-sided error bars, and error arcs can all be displayed.
The values used for the error bars may be a function of the data
statistics, fixed, or supplied by the user. If the user specifies a
text column for the error values, the values in that column will be used
to annotate the points in the plot.

Effortless printing and plot export

The layout feature in KaleidaGraph allows the user to display plots,
tables, and text in a suitable manner for publication or presentation.
The user has control over the size and placement of the elements in the
layout window, similar to a page layout program. Layouts can be printed,
pasted into other applications, or exported in a WMF, TIFF, JPG, GIF,
BMP, PNG or PICT format. Everything you need is right at hand inside
KaleidaGraph, without the need for another program to do the job.

Templates and Formula Scripts

Additional features include template plots and formula scripts.
Template plots allow the user to take any pre-existing plot and use it
as a template for creating a new plot. Any curve fits or error bars
included in the original plot are automatically applied to the new plot.

Formula scripts take things one step further by providing commands to
import data, manipulate it with algebraic formulas, plot it using
either a new plot or a template plot, and export the plot to a file.
All of this can be accomplished with little or no user interaction.

Powerful data analysis and manipulation

commands for analyzing your data include a variety of basic statistics,
Student t-test, ANOVA, and Wilcoxon. Use the Formula entry window to
manipulate your data using over 100 algebraic equations and statistical
functions from convenient menus.

Get Started Today!

KaleidaGraph is available for Macintosh and Windows. You can download a free demo version.
It comes with a 10-minute quick start guide that shows the user
everything needed to get started. A comprehensive help file and
electronic manual are installed automatically. Technical support is
free for all registered users (and even users of our demo) and is
available by phone, fax, or email

KaleidaGraph Features

Data Entry

  • Type data directly into the data window (including .xlsx files)
  • Open Excel files directly
  • Import tab, space, and comma delimited text files created in other applications
  • Read user specified data formats, including fixed/variable data widths and read/skip capability
  • Preview your data set while importing it
  • Windows and Macintosh data and graphs are fully interchangable
  • DDE Client support (Windows version)

Data Management

  • Up to 160 open data windows (containing up to 1000 columns by 1 million rows each)
  • Data formats: floating point, double precision, integer, data, time and text
  • Display date and time values in one of 18 formats
  • Perform multi-level sorts on the data
  • Make notes about your data (posted note)
  • Update the plot automatically (or on-demand) if any changes are made in the data window
  • Independently adjustable column width and row height
  • Select font, font size, style, justification, font color and background color for individual columns
  • Add horizontal and vertical splits to compare different sections of the same data window
  • Perform key operations quickly using the Toolbar

Plot Types

  • Line,
    scatter (x-y), double-x, double-y, double-xy, high/low, step,
    probability, x-y probability, histogram, box, percentile, horizontal
    bar, stack bar, column, stack column, polar, pie, summary column, double
    y bar, double y column, dot, floating bar, floating column, fill, and
    function (enter a formula)
  • Binned data can be exported to a histogram, step plot or spike plot

Plot Customization

  • Fully customize your plot’s attributes (axis limits, label frequency, ticks, grids, color, font, style, legend, plot size, etc.)
  • Create customized color palettes
  • Display drop lines from the points to the X and/or Y axis.
  • Control the number of markers displayed, marker shapes (60 choices), size, fill color and frame color
  • Control the ticks and axis labels on the x2 and y2 axes by creating a link to their primary axis
  • Set the initial tick mark and specify tick intervals
  • Log, Natural Log, Log (Base 2), or Linear axis settings
  • Partial decades allowed on any log axis
  • Option to use standard baseline instead of 1 on column plots with a log axis
  • Display rulers and grids for placing plot elements
  • Preview your plot changes without leaving the dialog
  • Add very flexible axis breaks
  • Cross axis at a specific value
  • Freely position the plot axis at any desired location
  • Display scientific and engineering plot labels in one of five formats

Powerful Curve Fitting

  • Ability to tabulate curve fit results into a new data window.
  • Built-in fits include: Smooth Weighted, Cubic Spline, and
    Interpolate curve fits, as well as Least Squares Regressions (linear,
    polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and power).
  • Includes a library of over 100 industry-specific formulas you can customize
  • Utilize a predefined fit or enter your own equation (up to 9 parameters)
  • Define up to 16 curve fits for simultaneous use on a single plot
  • Extrapolate curve fits to axis limits
  • Show fit equation, parameters, and r or r2
  • Copy the values of the curve fit or the residuals into the data window for further analysis


  • Mac version can be exported at a maximum of 1400 dpi; Windows supports a maximum of 800 dpi.
  • Export plots as Metafile, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PICT, PNG, and BMP files. EPS (Windows) and PDF (Macintosh) utilizing printer driver
  • Import metafile, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PICT, BMP and EPS files
  • Use the page layout feature to easily combine plots, text and graphics on a single page
  • OLE Server support (Windows version)
  • Save plots and layout in a single file
  • Seamless interaction with Microsoft Office including ungrouping of plots in Powerpoint (Windows only).
  • TIFF images can be exported with a CMYK color table.

Data Analysis & Manipulation


  • Parametric tests: one and two way ANOVA (with repeated measures), t-test
  • Nonparametric tests: Wilcoxon (Signed Rank, Matched Pairs, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney), Kruskal-Wallis, and Friedman
  • Post Hoc tests: Tukey HSD, Bonferonni, Holm, Student-Newman-Keuls, Scheffe, Fisher’s LSD and Dunnett
  • Descriptive statistics: min, max, sum, points, mean, median, RMS, std deviation, variance, std error, skewness, and kurtosis

Formula Entry

  • Select from over 100 menu items to create algebraic equations for data manipulations
  • Use scripts to automate the process of importing data, manipulating data, creating plots and exporting or printing plots

Macro calculator

  • Use conditional testing, boolean testing, subroutines, and nested loops
  • 1000 step RPN program capability

Drawing Tools

  • Add lines, arrows, boxes, ovals, arcs, polygons, and bezier curves to the plot
  • Choose from 11 different styles for lines and arrows
  • Copy, duplicate, group, align, and layer objects

Special Plot Features

  • User
    selectable error bars can be added with independent upper and lower
    error types. Error values can be calculated or specified in a data
  • Graphically mask data regions to temporarily eliminate data points.
    Numerical values of bars, columns, or pie slices can be placed
    automatically on the plot.
  • Plot up to 99 dependent variables at once on a single set of axes. Combine multiple data sets on a single plot.
  • Plot multiple X variables from one data set
  • Use the Extract button to display any data windows used to create the plot