InfoPower VCL 資料庫開發視覺化軟體

InfoPower VCL是一套群昱公司代理的資料庫開發視覺化軟體,此產品支持C++ Builder和Delphi開發環境。它包含了資料庫網路控件、日期、編輯控件、時間控件等。

Hosts sophisticated and flexible components and grids!

Hosts sophisticated and flexible components and grids!

masterpiece grid is one of the most powerful components in the
InfoPower library, greatly expanding upon the capabilities of Delphi’s
native grid component. It  includes advanced edit and combos controls,
lookup controls, RTF editing, filtering and searching user interfaces,
and so much more.  Check the PDF overview to see what kind of controls come with InfoPower.

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InfoPower VCL supports the Windows 10 VCL styles included with RAD
Studio to deliver modern Windows 10 applications with just a click.​ For
more information about the product, InfoPower’s make sure to look at
the PDF Overview.