Visual Assist General Release Build 2231 2017.08.15發布最新版本版本10.9.2231

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2017-08-21 更新

General Release Build 2231

Requires maintenance through 2017.08.15

Initial parse of large solutions, especially those that include Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), requires less time. Initial parse times for UE4 have dropped by up to 75%.
Source Links can now find keywords by regular expression.

Added support for system-wide NuGet.Config, and for environment variables in NuGet repositoryPath.
Improved parsing of projects that include Google Test.
Added UI to Source Links page of VA Options dialog to set search directories for Source Links plugins.
Improved support for multi-monitor environments with monitors that vary in DPI.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to Smart Select behavior on numeric literals. (case=109428)
  • Use of environment variables in NuGet repositoryPath now supported. (case=105958)
  • [VS2017 15.3] Enabled solution event change notifications (which had been disabled in build 2223). (case=104119)
  • Improved detection of ‘Check emptiness with empty()…’ Code Inspection. (case=109931)
  • Code Inspection no longer offers nullptr quick fix in .c files. (case=109043)
  • Fix for missing Code Inspections due to include path problem. (case=109844)
  • Fix for bad code resulting from running the ‘convert typedef to using’ Code Inspection on a function typedef. (case=109745)
  • Fixed Smart Select behavior on lines where multiple variables are declared and initialized. (case=98589)
  • Fixed Smart Select behavior in C# interpolated strings. (case=106091)
  • Fix for missing dot to arrow conversion on an instance of a raw pointer whose type was defined with ‘using’ keyword. (case=109767)
  • Fix for symbol resolution failure of struct in an enclosing class in nested namespaces. (case=109768)
  • # no longer causes text to be identified as a VA Hashtag. (case=108807)
  • Goto and Goto Related now work on VA Hashtags that have hyphens (when the behavior is enabled). (case=109520)
  • Fixed case in which nested class and struct definitions were listed twice in the Goto Member dialog. (case=109339)
  • [VS2017] Vcpkg directories now identified as system include directories. (case=109042)
  • Fix for parsing of C# lock statement. (case=104206)
  • Fix for parsing of C# null-conditional operator. (case=104904)
  • Fix for Source Links GitHub plugin not using specified port number. (case=109746)
  • [VS2010+] Message windows from .exe installer now appear on Windows Taskbar. (case=109372)
  • Fix for incorrect line number displayed in tooltips of the Goto Member dialog. (case=109202)
  • Fixes for various Code Inspection crashes. (case=105275, case=109004, case=109145, case=109556. case=109696, case=109808, case=109811, case=109954)
  • Fixes for crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=108622, case=109146, case=109147, case=109810, case=110325, case=110347)

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